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Brutal Gamer Podcast: #97 Popcorn Gun Finale

This is the end.  For now, anyway.

Yes, it’s another episode of the Brutal Gamer Podcast.  However, this is going to be the last episode, at least for now.  For this, we’ve compiled favourite moments from the writers of the site and listeners of the podcast.  In addition, there’s a special mashup at the end, containing a bunch of quick fire, context free sound bites from the past.  Enjoy, and hopefully we’ll be back soon.

Big thanks to everyone who contributed to the podcast over the last few years, either as a cast member, guest or listener.  We couldn’t have gone this long without you.

Music in the podcast created by She Music

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About Mike Jones

Mike is Brutal Gamer's Indie Editor. He has been playing video games since the early 90s and is fond of racing games, puzzlers and MMOs. Typing /played while in WoW makes him cry, but not enough to stop him playing some more.

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