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Preview: Valiant Comics’ Shadowman #3

The third issue of Valiant’s Shadowman takes the hero into the realm between worlds- the Deadside.

If you’ve been following the revival of Shadowman, then you know that the first two issues of the book have seen Jack Boniface transformed into the newest incarnation of the hero- and the introduction of the horrors set loose by the villainous Master Darque. All of the action has taken place on Earth so far, but things are about to get otherworldly really fast.

Trapped in the Deadside with no hope of rescue, Jack Boniface is on the run from the otherworldly horrors that dwell there. Meanwhile, his new friends and allies are at the mercy of Mr. Twist, whose plan to restore Master Darque is very nearly complete. But Jack is about to find help from some very strange and very unexpected sources… Could a light from Jack’s past could still be shining in the depths of the Deadside’s darkness?

Shadowman has fast become one of the key titles in Valiant’s excellent lineup of revitalized books since it’s launch a few months back. If you haven’t been reading it (and you’re a horror and/or superhero fan), then you need to get to a comic shop next Wednesday and jump on board.

The book’s actually been selling out regularly and you’ll have another chance to grab the first issue as a reprinting will be hitting stands right alongside number three- and with a snazzy “sketch” cover too!

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