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The Indie Royale Winter Bundle Is Upon Us

Another bundle of indie games going on the cheap.

Another fantastic indie bundle has come our way from the folks at Indie Royale.  The ‘Winter Bundle’ comes complete with six games to keep you indoors on these cold winter evenings, plus some bonuses if you’re prepared to stump up a bit more cash.

For a current minimum of £3.29, you can pick up Greed Corp, Hamlet, Bit.Trip Runner, Conquest of Elysium 3, Leave Home and They Breathe.  In addition, if you pay £5.06 or more, you’ll get a copy of the chiptune jazz album ‘Bluescreen’ by Protodome.  Soudns like a cracking deal.  As usual, you’ll get Steam and/or Desura keys for the games when you buy them.  Check out the Winter Bundle trailer below to see these games in action.

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  1. Love this time of year for the bundles alone. The quality is really pretty awesome too for something that they’re asking mini-money for.

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