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Kingdom Hearts ReMIX Collections For PS4


ReMIX has nearly the entire Kingdom Hearts series in two games. Kingdom Hearts has easily got be one of the strangest games ever produced by Square Enix. And when you take their backlog into consideration, that’s actually quite an accomplishment. A bizarre mash-up of Disney characters, Square Enix characters and …

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Brutal Podcast 6: The Nichening


The group is back with another podcast this week! Join Erich, Rick, Jason, Callum, and Dylan to discuss the biggest happenings in gaming since we last spoke. We also fight over the pronunciation of “niche.” Yeah, we were having that kind of day.  

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Star Trek TOS: Roddenberry Vault Releasing

star trek roddenberry vault

Star Trek TOS: Roddenberry Vault Releasing Brought to you by CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution Are you a fan of STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES? Now you can experience the making of pop culture history with STAR TREK TOS: RODDENBERRY VAULT. Being released on Blu-Ray December 5th, …

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