Scorpio rises in Amazing Spider-Man #9

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Till Death Do Us Part GTA Online

It’s a very special Valentine’s Day mode for GTA Online

Till Death do us Part debuts in GTA Online this weekend, just in time for the most romantic day of the year.
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Dying Light 2

Love comes to zombie town in this Dying Light Valentine

I can’t tell what’s worse, zombies eating a corpse or zombies making out…
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Dark Horse Halo Banshee

Toy Fair 2016: New Halo 5 starships enter orbit around Dark Horse

Already with a few offerings on the market, Dark Horse is expanding its collectible line of Halo spacecraft with a trio of new ships.
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Ubisoft talks about the future of Assassin’s Creed and Watch_Dogs

A well-established franchise, and one that’s really just getting started mark this update from Ubi, who go on the record about the lack of an Assassin’s Creed game in 2016 and what’s happening with Watch_Dogs.
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The Flame in the Flood logo

What’s dangerous in the world of The Flame in the Flood? Everything.

There isn’t much that won’t take a swipe at you in this post-apocalyptic rogue like. So here are some ‘wilderness tips’ to help you survive the world of The Flame in the Flood.
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Apocalypse invades Marvel Comics’ covers this Summer

Apocalypse Wars is a mega-event launching in Marvel’s X-Men books this Summer, but the title villain isn’t stopping there, as his shadow will fall across a mess of variant covers as well.
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LEGO Dimensions Joker___Harley_(9)_bmp_jpgcopy

Toys to Life genre busts loose in 2015 with huge growth

It was big before, but it looks like LEGO Dimensions has shoved the Toys to Life genre of games into the stratosphere.
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Nintendo Download February 11th

Oddworld: New ā€˜nā€™ Tasty finally releases on Wii U, and with it several Virtual Console titles.
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Experience the life as a Grimm in GAMESCO’s new title

Immerse yourself in the history of the Grimm, enter Dark Legacy.
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The Rogue Initiative … Keep your eyes open

A new supergroup joins the fray!
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The Art of Doom

Dark Horse delivers The Art of DOOM this Summer

Celebrating the arrival of the very promising-looking DOOM reboot will be a fresh art book from Dark Horse Comics.
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Loot Crate logo box

BG Unboxed: We have a look through January’s installment of LVL Up+

Loot Crate’s monthly clothing and accessory subscription gets ‘invaded’.
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Titanfall launch splash

Titanfall 2 will have a single-player campaign

Unlike the first release in the series, EA and Respawn’s formerly Xbox-exclusive FPS series will come complete with a full single-player campaign.
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Icon Heroes Harley Quinn 2015-09-22 11.48.52

Arkham Knight Harley Quinn statue/paperweight debuts at GameStop

The latest in Icon Heroes’ statue/paperweight is none other than Harley Quinn, and she comes to you straight from ultra-popular Arkham Knight.
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Red Dead Redemption

Red dead Redemption is out on Xbox One! Oh wait, no it’s not.

Did you hear that Red Dead Redemption was out on Xbox Live’s servers? Were you planning on getting it? Well…
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