Bleeding Edge Iron Man available on

No, there’s nothing ‘bloody’ about this specific set of Iron Man armor that makes up the latest offering from DST, but it does represent one of the more ‘bleeding edge’ costumes that inventor Tony Stark has ever constructed.
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Skylanders Trap Team (3DS) Review

Activision’s über-popular toys-to-life platformer returns once again to Nintendo’s handheld with a separate adventure form the big console release.
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Dark Matter cover

Dark Horse’s Dark Matter gets picked up by Syfy

Ready to get lost in space? The new(ish) space-faring mini-series from Dark Horse Comics titled Dark Matter will be adapted to TV by Syfy.
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GTAV next gen reveal

Rockstar Games warns of bogus GTAV beta programs

Maybe don’t click on that link promising a beta invite for Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4, Xbox One, and the PC – because there isn’t one.
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Blackguards splash art

Blackguards (PC) Review

An adventure? Check. Magic and wonder? Check. Criminals? Check. Wait, what? Welcome to Blackguards.
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Evolve Big Alpha Trailer

Prepare for hunting season. Turtle Rock Studios has just released another trailer for their award winning co-op/competitive shooter Evolve, focusing on the playable big baddie. The trailer was released to announce a new closed “Big Alpha” testing that you gain access to with pre-order along with a savage goliath skin…
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Alien Isolation (Xbox One) Review

Alien: Isolation looks not to the second Alien film (you know, the one with the Colonial Marines?), but to the first, in an attempt to create a good old fashioned sense of creeping horror for gamers.

Wolverines brings together the friends and foes of Lgan

Wolvie might be ‘dead and gone’, but there are plenty of shadows left behind that the character has cast on allies and enemies both- and that’s focus of the new Wolverines monthly.
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Halo: The Master Chief Collection to have day one, 20GB content DLC

Not a ‘patch’ or update, says 343 Industries’ Frank O’Conner, the massive day one download for Halo: The Master Chief Collection is all content and is being used to avoid a two disc package.
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Iron Man gets Superior in new monthly

The ‘superior’ label doesn’t just apply to Spider-Man anymore as Tony Stark gets (even more) smug and way more futuristic in Superior Iron Man #1, but is this an Iron Man that everyone in the Marvel U can get behind?
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Super Smash Bros Wii U box art

Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct on the way this week

A Super Smashing Nintendo Direct will be presenting some Wii U revelations this Thursday.
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The Evil Within (Xbox One) Review

It’s about time we get back to true survival horror! I adore The Evil Within, and it’s review is an absolutely wonderful addition to BG’s Month of Terror. The Evil Within was designed to bring true survival horror back to life; and it did… with all it’s bloody, tense glory.
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Torque Bow

Project Triforce’s Torque Bow is finally ready for pre-sale

A few years in the making, high end collectible-maker Project Triforce’s Gears of War Torque Bow is almost ready for release.
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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare_UN Speech

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare launch trailer looks heavily armed and graphically intensive

Ready for action? Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare looks every bit what the name implies in the newest trailer celebrating the upcoming launch.
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New 52 Justice League

Sunday Review: The BG archive for the week of 10/12/14

Wow was this a packed week of content as we had more NYCC coverage, a pair of new iPads were announced, Warner Bros tok the wraps off their DC Movie slate, we went behind the scenes on Halloween: Otome, and -of course- our continuing Brutal Gamer’s Month of Terror series…

Saturday Radar: GamesRadar’s best for the week of 10/13/14

An awesome look at Far Cry 4′s deadly world of wonders highlights this week’s selection of stories that also includes some tougher than tough mods and some very hard to pronounce names.
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