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The Elven Union team arrives in Blood Bowl III

Speed, agility… elegance? After all, this is the Elven Union we’re talking about here. A unity team of Elves, it’s the latest addition to Blood Bowl III.


In Warhammer’s Olde World, the various races of Elves aren’t exactly the best of friends. Then again, who is in the world of Games Workshop’s tabletop war game? But even so, competition makes for strange bedfellows, and that’s just what we find in Blood Bowl III.

The latest video game edition of the board game will feature a team dubbed the Elven Union. And that’s just what it sounds like, a squad made up of Wood, High, and Dark Elves.

Check them out in action in the latest trailer:

Composed of High Elves, Wood Elves and Dark Elves, the teams comprising the Elven Union are known for their agility and passing game. But be careful: when it comes to physical contact, the players on these teams are fragile and injury prone.


“Surgical precision” is the name of the game when it comes to the Elven Union. As you can see in the trailer, big bruisers aren’t exactly counted amongst its ranks. Instead you’ll find agile linemen and women, throwers with stunning aim, receivers who make even ‘helmet catches’ look routine, and blitzers who specialize in blocking enemy attacks. All taken together, that should make for a team to be reckoned with… in the right hands that is.

Blood Bowl III just wrapped up its latest closed beta, and is expected on consoles and the PC some time this year.

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