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Ghostrunner parkouring onto consoles and PC this October

Cyberpunk action is all the rage these days, and Ghostrunner is looking like it might be one game to watch for. It’s hitting consoles and PC next month.

Running, slashing

We haven’t seen a game that featured parkour as a theme since the Mirror’s Edge series. Well, if you’re not counting Assassin’s Creed that is, and I do not. So in that way, Ghostrunner is pretty unique. It’s a game that’s also looking to take advantage of the futuristic, cyberpunk aesthetic that’s so hot right now.

And as you’ll see in the trailer, it looks to be doing all of the above very well.

Pretty slick, huh? A first-person action game at heart, Ghostrunner comes out of a pretty large stable of publishers and developers. All In! and 505 Games are handling the publishing duties, while One More Level, the always busy 3D Realms, and Slipgate Ironworks are developing.

The game is heading to retail next month too, so it’s coming up fast. Expect to see Ghostrunner be available for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 27th, with a PC-only demo debuting on the 29th of this month (September).

There’s also a pretty cool pre-order incentive you might be interested in. There is a special katana, designed for each specific launch platform, that can be yours by pre-ordering. On top of that, there’s a financial incentive as well, with PC and PS4 gamers getting 20% off for pre-ordering, and Xboxers netting 10%.

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