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Police Simulator On It’s Way in 2017

As crime fighting in a big city is always a full-time job, players will be able to patrol the streets as a team. Two officers to grant each other the back up necessary for their dangerous job.

Police Simulator – Law Enforcement

In Police Simulator – players get to take a spin behind the life of a real life US police officer. Tag along as they tackle the grime of day-to-day police work. Find yourself in a city with a high crime rate, and fighting crime with a wide variety of authentic equipment including tasers, handcuffs, radios, guns and much more.

Police Simulator

Just as in real life, police work is a full time job. Players can patrol the streets in a cooperative multiplayer mode and provide backup where needed. Or take your squad anywhere in the sprawling metropolis.

Police Simulator will arrive for PCs in 2017.

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