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E3 2016: The Surge gets a mechanical trailer

Gritty, grimy, and uber-dystopian, Deck13’s The Surge paints a dark picture of the future.

Pretty neat. Not that dystopian futures are all that unique in video games, but I like the feel that Deck13 has going on here with The Surge. And as a big Exo-Squad fan (remember that one) I love the whole exoskeleton thing the game has going on.

According to the developer, the game tells the tale of a future that showcases “a worst case scenario for Earth”. It’s a future that was but by a nefarious company called CREO.

Fronted by Jonah Guttenberg, CREO sets out to reverse the detrimental atmospheric effects of global warming, firstly by repairing our damaged atmosphere, but as their ambitions grew and their plans began to fail, CREO set out to save itself…

Members of CREO’s workforce are fitted with expandable, powered exo-suits supplying the employee with both power and super-human strength. They are also able to attach new practical tool extensions to the exoskeleton.

Something in CREO went horribly wrong, and you as the player must use this exo-suit and a plethora of make-shift weapons and armor upgrades to survive. Slice and smash deeper and deeper into the mysterious mega-corporation to discover what happened, and how you can stop it.

The reluctant main character in The Surge will seemingly be one of those employees, complete with an ex-suit. His suit won’t stay as-is throughout the game either, as you’ll be able to upgrade as you play. Building onto your suit, and even forging your own weaponry from your surroundings is possible.

The game will have a heavy emphasis on “environmental storytelling” too, and some cool play mechanics.¬†Limb-targeting? Yep, you can do that.

Sounding pretty awesome so far, The Surge is set to arrive on the PC and consoles in 2017.

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