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Heavenly Sword movie release date revealed

The movie based of the happens of the best selling PS3 game, Heavenly Sword, has finally revealed it’s release date.

Nariko in all her glory

Brought to you by Cinedigm, Nariko’s story is retold through the movie, with most of the original voice actors reclaiming their parts, including Anna Torv returning as Nariko.

Here is the movie’s official trailer. Release date is September 2nd on Blu-ray and PSN, and sometime shortly after in Europe.

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  1. Nice cast there! I’m surprised to see a movie went forward at all with the iffy reception Heavenly Sword got and how long it’s been since the game was released. Pretty cool nonetheless though!

  2. Kiri leatherland

    I’ve always liked the look of the game but never got round to playing it, will deffo give the film a look though. 🙂

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