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Sega-branded iPhone accessories coming this month

Tommo’s set of Sega inspired iPhone goodies will be arriving soon with cases aplenty and one very cool looking speaker.

We actually talked about these cases and assorted pieces of accoutrement a while ago, but Tommo Inc. and Sega finally have them just about ready for launch. If you’re a Sega fan from way back, these are probably going to be at the top of your list this Holiday.

Starting this month, the Sega-themed party begins as the Genesis, Saturn and Game Gear iPhone cases start landing at retail. The case line is compatible with both the iPhone 5 and 5s, so if you have a newer iPhone, you’re probably good to go. Each case comes with a complimentary screen protector too- and these are no simple clear pieces of plastic either. Tommo tells us that the protective sheets will come with imagery imprinted on them that matches “the theme of the case”, which should be really cool.

Then in December, you’ll be able to pick up the Genesis Bluetooth speaker and really get the Jingle Bell Rock pumping. The speaker has “crisp, stereo sound, NFC, AptX, and Multi-paring support, a built-in rechargeable battery, and a 3.5mm headphone jack”- so it’s pretty full featured and a solid choice if you’re looking for a wireless speaker system for your phone, iPad or whatever else you might have that uses Bluetooth for a connection. I have a ton of stuff that does, pretty much everywhere, so that’s a bonus.

And finally in December are the Genesis and Saturn Power Partner Battery Chargers. These are created in the same classic Sega deco and dual charging ports and a nifty carrying pouch that’s (you guessed it) also made to look vintage and completely Sega’d out.

That’s a lot of cool Sega gear for allyou old school fans of the system that does what Nintendon’t… and the Saturn. And really, who didn’t like the Saturn?

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