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Intel donates $20k in PCs for Operation Supply Drop

The monster hardware company will be constructing and shipping out 30 of their compact and powerful NUC computers for the military gaming charity Operation Supply Drop.

“Intel is proud to partner with Operation Supply Drop to provide NUC based PCs to troops overseas and recovering at home,” says Joel Christensen, general manager of the Intel division that created the Intel NUC. We appreciate the sacrifices that these men and women are making and if we can support them by providing some cutting-edge computing to entertain and de-stress, we are happy to do it.

Gaming is a big part of life abroad for soldiers stationed around the globe to help them relax and unwind, which I’m sure is about the farthest thing in the world from easy. It’s just awesome to see companies like Intel, especially massive companies like Intel, donate to a cause like Operation Supply Drop.

The gift is just the latest in a string from companies like Zombies Studios who donated $25,000 in in-game currency for their Blacklight Retribution game, GameStop who donated pallets of unopened PS3 bundle packs and Hidden Path who gave 1,000 Steam codes for their Defense Grid: Containment Bundle pack. That’s a lot of good that’s headed to some folks who could certainly use it.

If you’d like to get involved in this year’s ‘8-bit Salute’ to Veterans, click here for the full details.

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