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Visit Columbia with Brutal Gamer’s Bioshock Infinite Giveaway

One of the biggest games of 2013, bar none, is 2k and Irrational Games’ Bioshock Infinite. The game launches this week and Brutal Gamer has you covered with a chance to win a copy for the Xbox 360 or the PS3.

Brutal Gamer is very happy to announce that, in conjunction with our pals at Appliances Online, we’re giving away two copies of Bioshock infinite! We’ve got one copy for the Xbox 360 and one copy for the PS3 to send out to our two lucky Grand Prize winners just sitting here- waiting to get into your hands.

Bioshock Infinite stars Booker DeWitt, a man forced into action by a shadowy agency that he’s indebted to. His task is fairly simple for someone like him; to kidnap a young woman named Elizabeth. There’s a catch though, and that’s that she’s located on the floating city of Columbia. And on Columbia, nothing is as it seems, technology has run amok, and everyone (and everything) is out to get you.

Ready to go? Here’s how you get to Columbia:

How to enter – Entering a Brutal Gamer contest is easy. Just ‘like’ us and comment on this news post on Facebookfollow us on Twitter @BrutalGamer and Tweet us with the hashtag #BrutalContest and the phrase ‘I’m no Handyman, or comment on this post in the comments section (shocking!) below any time between now and the contest end date/time. You can enter as many times as you like, but only once per day per entry type (BG.comTwitter, or Facebook, which totals a possible three entries per day). Any double entries made on the same day will be discarded (but your original entry will still stand).

Winners and contest details –

  • The Brutal Gamer Bioshock Infinite contest ends on April 1st 2013 at 11:59pm eastern standard (US) time.
  • This contest is open to all readers in the continental United States, Canada and the UK.
  • Two (2) Grand Prize Winners will be chosen – a total of one (1) copy for the Xbox 360 and one (1) copy for the PlayStation 3 will be given away. The first winner chosen will have his or her pick of which version of Bioshock Infinite they would like for their console of choice, either the Xbox 360 or the PS3. The second winner chosen will then be defaulted to, and will receive, the remaining available edition.
  • Both winners will be chosen at random and will be notified shortly after the contest officially closes on April 1st 2013 at 11:59pm.

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Jason's been knee deep in videogames since he was but a lad. Cutting his teeth on the pixely glory that was the Atari 2600, he's been hack'n'slashing and shoot'em'uping ever since. Mainly an FPS and action guy, Jason enjoys the occasional well crafted title from every genre.

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  1. Thanks you for the awesome chance to win i really need this game for xbox 360 it looks amazing!!

    Twitter: @volcombrandon
    Facebook: Brandon Dithrich

  2. I’d love this bad boy for the PS3. Thanks for the contest!
    Twitter @LoganDX
    Facebook Chad Gottfried

  3. Hey, look here, Jack, hey! I’m no Handyman but I know duct tape, hey! But seriously, you guys are killing it with the contests and content. One of my go to sites now for gaming stuff. Spreading the word and I hope it helps!

    Twitter @MrNerveDamage
    Facebook: Josh Nicholls

  4. Been waiting a long time for this game. Would love to win for the 360. Thanks.

  5. Lookit you all front row and stuff. 😉

  6. Most awesome giveaway, would love to play this on the 360, & thanks for the chance!

    Twitter: @Waxxxz018
    FB: Zach Weaver

  7. Thanks for the contest!
    Twitter: @eugaet
    Facebook: Michael Teague

  8. I must say, Brutal Gamer has the funniest Twitter captions and makes it fun to actually enter their contests. Plus with the content on here to keep me coming back. Thanks for the contests!

    Twitter: @Pushaman55:disqus
    Facebook: Kyron KY Parsons

  9. Another contest? Ahhhh yeah! Let’s start off with my info…

    Twitter: @liljrSanchez
    Facebook: Juan Sanchez

  10. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

    Twitter: @Thrashballer
    FB: Jalen Clark
    Preferred Console: Xbox 360

  11. The penultimate game of this consolegeneration … Everyone should want to enter this! Thanks for the chance!

  12. Would really love to win this one! This game looks incredible!

    Twitter: @mattleewoo

  13. 3 Entries a day *Fry Billion Dollar Faints* XD
    BIg thanks guys
    FB _ jared Zimmermann

  14. Thanks for the chance!

  15. “I’m no handyman,” but when I am; I carry a wrench. @zachattack314

  16. Thank you for the contest! Entered as @Rorypori on twitter.

  17. Thanks for playing! Glad to see you here!

  18. Thanks so much! Glad to be here for you and thanks for spreading the word!

  19. Absolutely have you down for your website entry. Have you visited us on Twitter and Facebook to enter?

  20. Hi Zach! Isn’t it fun? Glad to have you here!

  21. Absolutel! Glad to have you here! Thanks for playing!

  22. Well aren’t you the sweetest thing?! Glad you’re enjoying! Thanks for playing!

  23. Absolutely! Glad to see a new face here!

  24. They should! You’re right big vocabulary user!

  25. I have your entry here – so you’re in it to win it!

  26. *snicker* Thanks for playing!

  27. Absolutely! Thanks for playing!

  28. Awesome! Thanks for playing!

  29. Would love to have this!

    Follow on twitter @mefink:disqus

  30. @BrutalGamer PS3! I’m no Handyman #BrutalContest

  31. Yes! Yes! Thanks for the giveaway!
    FB Alan Tong

  32. Trying a new approach 😉 maybe being in the front will turn out good who knows! haha

  33. Now I’m no Handyman but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night. You have my info for this #BrutalContest! I am @MrNerveDamage

  34. Nice contest and thanks for the chance

  35. 3/26 entry:
    Thanks for the contest!
    Twitter: @eugaet
    Facebook: Michael Teague

  36. “I’m no handyman,” but when I am; I carry a wrench. @zachattack314

  37. I’m no handyman STILL XD
    FB – Jared Zimmermann
    @Darklurkr23 #2 entry https://twitter.com/Darklurkr23/status/316600247390437376

  38. I’m no Handyman, but I do like me some BioShock! 😀

  39. I’m no Handyman
    Twitter 3/26 entry – @qwikciphers – https://twitter.com/qwikciphers/status/316660641647706112
    Facebook – Kyle Arbiz

  40. Count me in for another entry today! (3/26)

    Twitter: @mattleewoo

  41. Whooo! Look at all these entries 😀

  42. Thanks!
    FB- Alan Tong

  43. It doesn’t count as big vocabulary if I run together two words to create a mega word, does it? Doesit?!

  44. 3/27 entry:
    Thanks for the contest!
    Twitter: @eugaet
    Facebook: Michael Teague

  45. “I’m no handyman,” but when I am; I carry a wrench.
    Twitter: Zachattack314
    Facebook: Zachary Richards

  46. Another entry for 3/27! Thanks for this opportunity!

    twitter: @mattleewoo

  47. Well color me periwinkle blue and call me BABE…I MEAN Handyman! Thanks for the chance!

  48. Hey Guys Entry for 3/27
    @Darklurkr23 RT’d – https://twitter.com/Darklurkr23/status/317028385874382848
    FB – Jared Zimmermann as usual

    DEFINITELY still not a Handyman

  49. I’m no Handyman, but even if I was, I am too tired today to fix stuff. This is my 3/27 entry, I think, for this #BrutalContest. Thanks @MrNerveDamage

  50. Middle of the week, still no handyman!

  51. nice contest count me in

  52. 3/27 entry – I’m no Handyman
    Thanks for the chance.
    Twitter – @qwikciphers

    Facebook – Kyle Arbiz

  53. I think therefore I win.

  54. 3/27 entry. Thanks!
    FB Alan Tong

  55. Damn why have I been late for this one?

  56. “I’m no handyman,” but when I am; I carry a wrench
    Twitter: @zachattack314

  57. amazing game to giveaway. count me in! you rule, BG!


  58. Good job on the contest guys, following you on twitter now. Crossing my fingers! I wanna play sooo bad! Good luck everybody! @Effiner

  59. Everyday that goes by in this #BrutalContest leaves me with the sad realization that I’m no Handyman… 3/28 @MrNerveDamage

  60. Woohoo! Handyman!

  61. Yes sir & thanks! 🙂

  62. Here’s this handyman’s entry for 3/28!

    twitter: @mattleewoo

  63. 3/28 entry – I’m no Handyman
    Thanks for the chance!
    Twitter – @qwikciphers
    Facebook – Kyle Arbiz

  64. 3/28 entry:
    Thanks for the contest!
    Twitter: @eugaet
    Facebook: Michael Teague

  65. 3.28 entry
    FB Alan Tong
    Twitter @Dryden13

  66. Here goes nothing….

  67. Dear Brutal Gamer, I am no Handyman but I am going out of town #BrutalContest

  68. This Handyman is submitting another entry for 3/29! As always, thanks for the opportunity!

    twitter: @mattleewoo

  69. The Handyman is near. I know it, but I do not know who is it because…I’m no handyman! lol

  70. 3/29 Entry and still not a handyman
    FB – Jared Zimmermann

    @Darklurkr23 RT -https://twitter.com/Darklurkr23/status/317729524001423360

  71. 3/29 entry:
    Thanks for the contest!
    Twitter: @eugaet
    Facebook: Michael Teague

  72. Thanks Burtal Gamer,
    I’ll probably forgo the daily entries but you can find all my entries on twitter (@GamingPhysique) and on Facebook (Bret Homewood). Thanks!

  73. I know for a fact “I’m no handyman”….that’s what she tells me anyway.

    Twitter: @Dantology101
    Facebook: Dan Tilson

  74. I’m no Handyman
    Thanks for the contest BrutalGamer!
    Facebook (Renzo Santos)
    Twitter (@reks611)
    Rt’ed – https://twitter.com/reks611/status/317784571322183680

  75. 3.29 entry Thanks! #BrutalContest

    FB Alan Tong

  76. 3/30 Entry FB -Jared Zimmermann
    This guy who isn’t a handyman thanks you again
    @Darklurkr23 – https://twitter.com/Darklurkr23/status/318013602449723392

  77. I am no handyman, but would love another entry for 3/30!

    twitter: @mattleewoo

  78. 3/30 entry:
    Thanks for the contest!
    Twitter: @eugaet
    Facebook: Michael Teague

  79. I wonder how it feels to be slapped by the handyman? Maybe I’ll found out thanks to you guys!? Thanks for the chance!

  80. 3.30 entry Thanks!
    FB Alan Tong

  81. Gotta get me entry 😛

  82. I’m out of clever ways to incorporate “I’m no Handyman” into my entries haha. But here is my entry for 3/31!

    twitter: @mattleewoo

  83. 3/31 entry:
    Thanks for the contest!
    Twitter: @eugaet
    Facebook: Michael Teague

  84. I’m no handyman
    Twitter: zachattack314
    Facebook: Zachary richards

  85. Hi Chris! Thanks for playing!

  86. Hi Alan! Thanks for playing!

  87. We do! Hopefully that Holiday Inn didn’t need your handyman skillz.

  88. Hi Raheel! Glad to be able to give the opportunity! Thanks for playing!

  89. Hi Michael! Thanks for playing!

  90. 🙂 Thanks for playing.

  91. 🙂 Thanks for playing!

  92. I’m glad you like the game! Good luck, my friend.

  93. Hi Kyle! Thanks for playing!

  94. Absolutely, my friend! Thanks for playing!

  95. I know it, right? Maybe you’ll come out on top this time. Wait…

  96. Absolutely! Thanks for playing!

  97. 3/31 entry – I’m no Handyman
    Thanks for the chance!
    Twitter – @qwikciphers
    Facebook – Kyle Arbiz

  98. I’m loving the date! Thanks for playing!

  99. Thanks for playing, Zach!

  100. Absolutely! Thanks for playing!

  101. I like periwinkle blue. 🙂

  102. No? With all these entries I’d think that *maybe* you’d become handy at some point. Sheesh.

  103. Sometimes that happens. It’s ok. Well all need a rest and stuff. 🙂

  104. Loving that middle of the week thing.

  105. Glad to have you on board! Thanks for playing!

  106. #BrutalContest ‘I’m no Handyman‘

    Twitter @mefink:disqus

  107. My entry 🙂
    Twitter: @theliztress

  108. 3/31 entry. I’m no Handyman Thanks!
    FB Alan Tong

  109. 3/31 I am back from out of town but I am still no Handyman
    FB Josh Nicholls

  110. LAST DAY!

    4/1 entry:
    Thanks for the contest!
    Twitter: @eugaet
    Facebook: Michael Teague

  111. Great giveaway!

    Facebook: Edward Castillo

  112. My entry for the final day of the “I’m no handyman” contest (4/1)! Again, thank you so much for this opportunity Brutal Gamer!

    twitter: @mattleewoo

  113. Last comment for this giveaway, thanks for all the chances and good luck everybody!

  114. @Darklurkr23 – https://twitter.com/Darklurkr23/status/318831686488059904
    FB- Jared Zimmermann

  115. The last day and I finally feel like a Handyman! Well not really because, I’m no handyman…lol Thanks for the chance!

  116. My last entry for this giveaway, thanks!
    4/1 entry – https://twitter.com/Rorypori/status/318898624362868737

  117. 4/1 entry. Thanks!!!
    FB Alan Tong

  118. Thanks for the chance. Good luck all.

    Twitter – @mefink:disqus

  119. I’m no handyman

  120. Everyone who’s thinking about posting it’s over

  121. I don’t have one. =(

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