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The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood tells its tale on the PC

It’s not every day that you see a tarot card-fueled video game, but that’s just what The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is.

Shape your fate

What type of game is The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood? Well, it’s honestly a little tough to tell. It seems like an adventure game at heart, though one with a heck of a lot of unique features. That includes the Tarot card, deck-building mechanics, and… did we see pizza making in that trailer?

Making pacts with evil, cosmic beings and making pizzas? Two great tastes that go great together… ?

Seeking freedom, Fortuna makes a dangerous pact with a forbidden creature—the mysterious and ancient Abrámar—who grants her the ability to craft magic-infused tarot cards.

As Fortuna, you can create a custom tarot deck that is completely unique to you, and the arcane elements you incorporate into your designs will give each card different characteristics and abilities to help you to determine the fate of the characters you encounter.

Using your deck you’ll dive into a complex narrative that spans decades and explores themes of identity, community, and personal responsibility. Is your coven doomed or can you save it?

Deconstructeam press release

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is out now for Switch and PC, with a 10% discount on the latter, for a limited time.

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