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Sideshow’s new Imperial Probe Droid is coming to keep an eye on your collection

A massive new Premium Format Figure is on the way from Sideshow, and it hails from the most celebrated Star Wars movies of all time.

*unintelligible droid-chatter*

Is it safe to say that The Empire Strikes Back is the best-loved Star Wars movie ever? I’d say it is overall, as far as the majority of the fanbase is concerned, though most have their own personal favorite.

And while that movie is filled with instantly recognizable moments from Star Wars history, the Hoth scenes remain standouts. There’s just something about the frozen wastes of that planet, and all the snow and cold-specific troopers and equipment, and made a lasting impression. And of course part of that, is the Imperial Probe Droid.

Heralding the Empire’s arrival on the ice-planet, the Probe Droid met an untimely end at the hands of Han Solo and Chewy. Nonetheless, it remains iconically “Empire”. Sideshow’s newest Premium Format Figure plays off of that nostalgia, delivering what might be the coolest homage to the robot to ever hit retail.

Sideshow’s creation stands in at a massive 27″ tall, and is far from being just a static visual. The antenna is actually extendable, and the piece features both lights and sounds.

The Probe Droid’s domed head includes light-up visual sensors and an extendable broadcast antenna. Rotatable manipulator arms extend from its central pod, dangling menacingly above the custom base. Expertly hand-painted with carefully applied weathering effects, the Probe Droid also comes loaded with audio which allows you to play sounds from the film, adding a cinematic atmosphere to your display.

Sideshow Toys press release

Set to ship out some time in the back half of 2023, The Imperial Probe Droid is up for pre-order now via Sideshow’s online shop. The Figure is priced in at $875 USD.

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