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Marvel’s Midnight Suns set to rise in a new series this September

The game might be delayed, but the comic is still on track. Marvel Comics’ Midnight Suns sets light to the darkest corners of the Marvel U next month.

Fight like hell

No, they’re not your father’s Midnight Sons, but the new Midnight Suns team from Marvel is nonetheless on the way. The new team-up book pairs fan-favorites Wolverine, Blade, and Magik (?), with the likes of Spirit Rider, Kushala, Nico Minoru, and Zoe Laveau.

While the team itself might have some names that you’re not immediately familiar with, it’s definitely going to have some big time villains. Among those will be the evil scientific-organization AIM, and none other than Doctor Doom.

“This series has some twists and turns that pay homage to things that I love about this genre of the Marvel Universe,” Sacks told CBR in a recent interview. “This is my first book with magic. It’s been great playing with some of those fantasy elements and some of the real-world horrors threaded in via allegory. That stuff made me a fan of Doctor Strange and the original Midnight Sons. So, it’s been such a blessing to get to play in this part of the sandbox.”

Ethan Sacks, series writer

As for the storyline that’ll be opening things up, that’ll revolve around something from the depth of Doctor Strange’s past. Though Marvel is keeping it more or less hush-hush at present, the villain will spin out of the late Doc’s menagerie of mystic monsters.

Look for issue #1 (of 5) from writer Ethan Sacks, and art from Luigi Zagaria, this September the 14th.

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