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Trailer: The battle rages on as Total War: Warhammer III hits PC

If you’re one of the war-gamers patiently awaiting Total War: Warhammer III, your day has arrived. The fantasy-battle title is out now for the PC.

The daemons have arrived

WARHAMMER III plunges players into a cataclysmic power struggle between mortals and daemons with each aiming to save or exploit the power of a dying god. Featuring seven diverse playable races – including the video-game debuts of Grand Cathay and Kislev – alongside ground-breaking new features such as the Realm of Chaos campaign, eight-player multiplayer, and the customisable RPG-like Daemon Prince Legendary Lord.

Alongside these lands the Prologue campaign, a new Total War experience, perfect for brand-new players and those requiring a refresher course on the mechanics of the game. Within this mode, players will learn basic and advanced techniques of generalship and engage in a narrative experience that leads into the main campaign.

Sega press release

From Sega and Creative Assembly, Total War: Warhammer III is out right now for the PC. It’s also a part of Microsoft’s Game Pass on the platform, so if you’re a subscriber, you can dive right in.

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