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Immortal no more, the Hulk is back with a brand new run

The Incredible Hulk is back in action once again in Marvel’s comics, and this time he’s going back to basics. The rage-monster is back… with a twist.


Is there a way to control an unstoppable rage-monster? Bruce Banner may have just discovered it, though that might not be a great thing, as the Hulk is on the rampage once again.

Yep, Hulk is back to his original (or maybe secondary) form, as the monstrous, rage-fueled beast that most fans know him best as. As you[‘ll see in the preview of what’s to come though, this time there’s a big twist. His alter-ego Bruce Banner has some kind of game going, where he might be controlling the monster.

Just how long that’ll last though, is up for debate.

IMMORTAL NO MORE! Later this month, the Hulk returns in an all-new ongoing series by acclaimed writer Donny Cates, known for his revolutionary work on VENOM and THOR, and superstar artist Ryan Ottley of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and INVINCIBLE! This unstoppable team of some of the industry’s greatest talent are ready to bring readers a bold new Hulk saga that begins when Bruce Banner discovers a radical way to control the monster within. Could this mark the final end of the Green Goliath? Or will the extreme solution create something new—with massive consequences? Prepare to dive deep into the very core of Hulk’s rage in this thrilling epic that will explore this iconic character’s incredible—and destructive—legacy in a way no one has dared to before. Get your first look at this explosive era in the all-new HULK #1 trailer, featuring never-before-seen artwork!

“Marvel just gave me the keys to the strongest one there is,” Cates said. “Oh boy. You guys are just not ready for this. You’re about to find out what happens when Ryan Ottley and I get angry and guess what? Well… pretty sure you’re gonna like us a lot when we’re angry.”

Marvel Comics

From the team of Conny Cates and Ryan Ottley, Hulk #1 hits stands on November 24th.

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