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Blade of Darkness returns October 7th, vicious as ever

Classic action RPG Blade of Darkness has been brought back to PC’s thanks to publisher SNEG. Fans will be happy to know its blade hasn’t been dulled.

Slice and dice

Ah Blade of Darkness, an aRPG that’s got a bit of a legacy. While the title didn’t spawn a long series of games from it’s launch in 2001, it did make an impact nonetheless. And that’s mainly due to its fearless bloodletting.

BoD is a gore-fest, to put it mildly. Combat is particularly brutal, with limbs and heads flying, and blood soaking its levels. It always reminded me of an unflinching Conan story, and maybe that was a chunk of the point. Not that you were stuck playing as a barbarian since there are 4 playable classes.

In any event, it’s coming back now, and set to return to the PC next month. That’s due to developers Fire Falcom and General Arcade, who’ve not only ported the game for modern machines, but upgraded it as well.

Blade of Darkness now features widescreen, 4K resolution support, and a bunch of “quality of life” improvements and fixes. If you’ve been missing BoH’s hard-hitting action, you’re gonna want to check it out.

Fortunately, even though the game’s not due till October 7th, that’s something that you can do right now. While the full tittle will be hitting both GOG and Steam, there’s a demo out right now on the latter that’ll re-introduce you to BoH’s world.

Check it out here.

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