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Mutant peace comes crashing down in Marvel’s new Inferno

It’s going to be a bumpy ride for the formerly-merry mutant populace of Marvel’s comic universe. Inferno will see to that, when it debuts next month.

Inferno! Again! But also not.

So, first, no this new Marvel event has nothing to do with the legendary Inferno crossover from years gone by. The company has simply chosen to go with the same name, and you can use your imagination as to why.

Not that it doesn’t fit, as Inferno is set to burn what’s been relative mutant peace right into the ground (and maybe stomp on the ashes).

Cover art from Jerome Opeña

The X-Men’s world is about to go up in flames! Alliances will be broken, secrets will be revealed, and the once bright future of mutantkind will be threatened like never before in writer Jonathan Hickman’s upcoming limited series, INFERNO. The next chapter in the mastermind writer’s grand vision for the X-Men, INFERNO promises to be a high-stakes mutant drama that will provide the startling payoff to seeds planted in House of X and Powers of X, and fans can see what’s to come in new teasers by acclaimedPowers of X artist R.B. Silva. An homage to the original house ads for 1989’s milestone X-Men crossover Inferno, Silva’s artwork presents all the major players of the upcoming saga and teases the day of reckoning that will soon be upon them.

“I’m very excited that we’re finally getting to share with everyone the follow-up to House of X/Powers of X,” Hickman said. “The story is 160 pages over four issues drawn exquisitely by Valerio Schiti, R.B. Silva and Stefano Caselli. I cannot wait for people to read it.”

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So is the bizarre dream that is the nation of Krakoa coming to an end? Could just be. Check out issue #1 of Inferno when it lands in stores on September 29th.

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