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Peter David’s future-Hulk returns in War and Pax

Picking up where the classic Maestro story left off, writer Peter David has a brand new book coming up starring everyone’s favorite nightmare.

He’s back

“The Maestro has determined that life must go on in the world he’s living in, and that he should be the center of government,” teases writer Peter David.  “He’s consolidating his rule.  He truly believes he’s doing the right thing.  After all, he’s seen what mankind inevitably does if left to its own devices.  He thinks that free will has proven to be a noble experiment but ultimately didn’t work out.  So now it’s time to try something new, and he’s what’s new.  He’s setting up a world where he rules over everything, and to him it’s going to be a world of peace and contentment.  And if some people’s noses are out of joint over it, then they should keep it to themselves.”

Marvel Comics press release

If you’re a Hulk fan, actually if you’re a Marvel fan in general, then you know who The Maestro is. Simply, he’s a post-apocalyptic, future version of the Hulk. Maestro is perhaps the most nightmarish vision of Bruce Banner’s alter-ego to ever see a page.

He’s a controlling, dominating force of nature who’s decimated the Marvel Universe. A cold, calculating monster, Maestro slaughtered whoever got in his way and forcefully took his own corner of the world. In Maestro: War and Pax, he’s going bigger.

The new story will be picking up from where the classic 90s tale Future Imperfect story left off. Maestro will presumably be fresh from a battle with his past-self (Professor Hulk), and looking to expand his power base. But apparently, once he does, he finds out that he’s not the most powerful being left on Earth.

Here’s the trailer:

Writer Peter David is joined by rising star Javier Pina (Doctor StrangeRise of the Black Panther) to continue the tale he and George Perez began decades ago in the legendary Future Imperfect!  The man once known as the Hulk, the Maestro, has deposed the city of Dystopia’s ancient ruler and now commands in his place.  But why stop there?  As his ambitions lead him to wage a campaign of conquest across the entire Earth, he’ll discover that he’s not the only immortal left … and that if he truly wants to dominate the planet, he’ll have to face the most powerful beings in creation first.  Now, enjoy an exclusive first look at the Maestro’s invasion of war-torn Washington, D.C. in the MAESTRO: WAR AND PAX trailer, featuring never-before-seen art!   

Marvel Comics press release

Maestro: War and Pax #1 arrives on store shelves next month, in January 2021.

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