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Classic console-RTS Herzog Zwei stealth launches on Switch

One of the Sega Genesis’ biggest cult classics, Herzog Zwei was a console RTS before there were console RTS’. And now it’s come to the Switch.

Through the Ages

Sega Ages has really turned out to be a pretty great little line of games for the Switch. Not only does it deliver the bigger releases from Sega’s massive collection of properties, but fans get a good selection of lesser known titles too.

I’m not exactly which one of those tase best suits Herzog Zwei though. The strategy game is definitely a niche title, but it’s also pretty well known. And the reason for that is pretty simple, since it was doing things on consoles ell before any other game did.

If you’re not aware, that’s because Herzog Zwei is a real-time strategy title. Yes, there was such a thing in the early 16bit era.

Of course, HZ isn’t purely a port of the classic. As with all of the Sega Ages games, it’s been updated with some modern niceties.

Those include:

  • Sharpen Your Skills with an all new in-depth interactive tutorial mode
  • Pit Your Skills Against a Friend in new online 2-player action, in addition to split-screen support from the original!
  • No More Level Passwords thanks to new save state functionality
  • Customize Difficulty to your skill level with the new “Helper mode” 
  • Get Strategic with new Weapon and Unit tables for easy reference
  • Relive the Most Heated Moments with new Save replays 
  • Customize Your Game with a variety of screen options and wallpapers

Herzog Zwei is available right now on the Switch, and will run you $7.99 USD.

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