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One Last Shot kicks off 2021 for Valiant’s Bloodshot

Bloodshot is kicking off 2021 with a bang, as he enters into the final part of a lengthy story arc. One Last Shot promises to be “explosive”.

Lock and load

If you’ve been following the latest run of Valiant Comics’ Bloodshot, then you know it’s bee a tough road for the main hero. Then again, what isn’t? Bloodshot doesn’t exactly have the easiest of times… ever.

One Last Shot won’t be any different, and a big part of that is the return of a classic Bloodshot villain. While Valiant isn’t revealing exactly who it might be, we do have a hint since it’s a bad guy we haven’t seen since the original days of the Valiant U.

But that’s not all. While Valiant has only had one feature film debut, it’s already starting to adapt some of the Vin Diesel vehicle’s characters to the printed page. Unlike with the mystery villain, that part has been revealed, as we will be seeing Wilfred Wigans and KT debut.

Writer Time Seeley explains…

“Coming out of The Burn storyline, Bloodshot feels like he should finally leave himself in the darkness and not come back, but then Wigans calls him and says he needs him,” teased Seeley. “Every time he turns his back on humanity, he has another reason to come back to humanity.”

“Wigans is a story generator and we get to tie his story back to the past with our villain, who I won’t spoil for everybody. It’s a nod back to some classic BLOODSHOT continuity by bringing back a new version of one of the bad guys.”

Tim Seeley

Seeley will be joined by the awesome Brett Booth on pencils, as well as Pedro Andreo for what will be the final arc of this run. Bloodshot #10 hits the stands in January.

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