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Video game skateboarding returns, Skater XL is out now

It’s been a long time, but skateboarding has finally (officially) returned for consoles and the PC. Check out Skater XL’s launch trailer.

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Back to the grind

Chances are, that if you were a big gamer in the late 90s and early 2k’s, you played some video game skateboarding. Even if you weren’t into the actual activity or pro-sport side of skating, you likely put in some hours with the bigger virtual-boarders. I know I did.

Then came the drought though, with video game skating going on hiatus for years. Here in the wacky year that is 2020 though, the genre is back and Easy Day Studios is looking to break some new ground with Skater XL.

Skater XL looks to be a much more realistic take on skating, complete with physics-based controls that have no preprogrammed tricks included. That’s right, you’re on your own.

“Our goal was to evolve the genre and capture the fun and self expression of skateboarding more than any previous game. This started by assigning complete foot control and physics to each thumbstick instead of letting pre-made canned animations do the work,” states Dain Hedgpeth, Co-Founder and Director of Easy Day Studios. “Today’s launch is the culmination of years of heads down development working directly with our community, they’ve been part of it all including map design, new control mechanics and even the game’s promotion.”

Dain Hedgpeth, Co-Founder and Director of Easy Day Studios

Skater XL is out now on the PS4, Xbox One, and Steam for the PC.

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