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Hasbro reveals first wave of X-Men ‘movie’ Marvel Legends

Diving into the realm of Fox’ X-Men movies with both feet is Hasbro, who has announced their first wave of action figures, including Wolverine and more.

Children of the atom

Once upon a time, Fox’ X-Men movies were among the very best superhero movies out there. They were great, with an awesome selection of characters (who didn’t always hit the mark), fun stories that played off of the comics, and solid casting.

All of that eventually faded away of course, and fans currently await a reboot that will bring the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But they really doesn’t dull how great those original X-films were.

X-Men, X2, First Class… all of those remain terrific superhero fare. And now Hasbro is bringing them to life as a part of Marvel Legends. Well, some of them at least, to start things off.

Wave 1 of the new X-Men movie line has been revealed as of today, and it includes a fair shake of why those movies were so great.

For starters, there’s Wolverine, played by actor Hugh Jackman. Sure, he was always too tall for the part, but he kind of became Wolverine for a good long time. So much so that some fans don’t want a re-cast for the MCU version. The ML figure of Jackman’s Canucklehead bears a decent resemblance to the actor. It includes extra hands as well as an alternate head sculpt.

Also included in wave 1 is Rebecca Romijn’s Mystique. This figure actually manages to include accessories, which couldn’t have been easy to figure out given the character. She’s got a kind of morphing arm though, as well as spare hands. Note there’s no Jennifer Lawrence portrait included.

Rounding things out is a two pack with both Professor X and Magneto. Which Prof and Mags, you ask? Both. The set includes heads that you can swap out, including an alternate helmeted version for Magneto.

So you can make either the Ian McKellen or Michael Fassbender version of the master of magnetism, and either the Patrick Stewart or James McAvoy version of Xavier. Slick.

All of the above should be shipping out this November, and you can grab pre-orders via Hasbro Pulse or our pals at Entertainment Earth. Remember that if you buy from EE, BrutalGamer will receive a small commission from your purchase.

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