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Samurai Showdown reboot gets a first trailer

SNK’s classic fighting game series Samurai Showdown is back, and it’s looking pretty great with a new animated style. And yes, arterial spray.


SNK has had a few fighting game hits over the years, but out of all of them Samurai Showdown is pretty easily one of the most popular. The one-on-one battler stared a cool roster of characters, has great controls and a focus on fighting with weapons instead of bare hands.

Now the publisher is bringing the game back once more, and in fine fighting form.

Once again set in the late 18th century, after the events of Samurai Shodown Vand prior to the events of the original game, Samurai Shodown will see the return of thirteen classic characters, including Haohmaru, Earthquake and Galford, who will be joined by three brand new characters to the series. Additional characters will also be available via post-launch DLC.

SNK press release

According to SNK, Samurai Showdown is being developed in house by them. It’s actually from the same team as the King of Fighters XVI. You can expect to see all the usual modes such as “Story, Practice, Online Battle and multiple offline battle modes.”

That last one there, “multiple offline battle modes” actually seems to contain something truly innovative too. SNK’s new Dojo mode actually uses your own combat data to create an AI “ghost” combatant. That fighter can then be uploaded online for others to play against. Likewise you can download other people’s Dojo ghosts for offline combat. Pretty slick.

So when’s all this arrive? Pretty soon actually. Samurai Showdown is set to arrive on the PS4 and Xbox One this June, with a Switch edition landing later this year.

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