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A disc-free Xbox One might be coming next month

Microsoft is rumored to be readying a discless Xbox One console. According to one rumor, it might be available for pre-order next month.

This console has no disc(s)

Well here we go again. Eschewing physical media seems to be a dream of video game companies, and has been pushed for a while. Up till now though, it hasn’t been tried whole-hog.

If you remember, the PSP Go was the first console to give the digital-only format a shot, and it was a miserable failure. I don’t think you can count the Go though since, well it was a dying console at the time anyway.

And also it might have been way too soon to even think about the change given the early state of digital conversion. Now though, depending on who you ask, half of video game sales are digital. So the idea just might be ripe. Cue this week’s rumor mill and it just might be on the way, sooner than later.

According to website MCV, the console would be a part of the current series of Xbox’. So this is not a next-generation unit, it’s an Xbox One. And as for differences between it and the current units, the lack of a disc drive is the only one. Well, that and $100 off the price tag. And allegedly, it could arrive for pre-order as early as next month.

SO what do you think? If you’ve been a PS4 gamer this gen, does a hundred off the price make an Xbox One a tempting buy?

Source: MCV

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