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New Shazam trailer blasts onto the web

The next film in the DC film universe, Shazam got a brand new look yesterday with a slick trailer, loaded with both laughs and action.


I’m not much of a fan of the goofier side of superhero stories. But honestly, if any hero calls for a lighter-toned film it’s Captain Marvel Shazam. That’s just what we see here in this new trailer.

Here in this fresh look at the movie, actor Zachery Levi’s hero shows off more of the humor that we’ve seen thus far. But this trailer is also fairly loaded up with action. That’s good, since we’ve not really seen any when it comes to what’ll be DC’s next film thus far.

As you can see, here we get some shots of Shazam actually battling it out with Mark Strong’s Doctor Sivana. A Sivana, by the way, who’s very much super-powered himself. That’s well in keeping with the current DCU Rebirth-era version of the villain.

Though we’ve not seen him for some time in the comics, Sivana currently has a piece of the same power that Shazam’s alter ego Billy Batson (and Black Adam) taps into. That certainly makes him a much bigger threat since he’s certainly smarter than the hero, and seemingly just as powerful.

I’m not much of a fan, but so far I’m liking the way this is looking. Shazam opens in theaters on April 5th.

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