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Gris coming to the Nintendo Switch next month

Indie title Gris is making its way to the Nintendo Switch for the holidays, offering an “emotional journey” with puzzle/platform play.

More Nindies are always a good thing

Indie games on Nintendo Switch are a pretty big element in the console’s success so far, and arrivals don’t look to be slowing down. Take Gris for example. Though it doesn’t seem to be a feel-good romp, Gris does look captivating.

It also looks (and sounds) beautiful.

The new game from independent publisher Devolver Digital tells the powerful story of Gris, a young girl pained with loss who takes an emotional journey through a serene and evocative world free of danger, frustration and death. Light puzzles, platforming sequences and optional skill-based challenges will reveal themselves to Gris as she grows emotionally, unveiling new paths for her to explore with her new abilities.

As mentioned, Gris is coming in time for some Holiday down-time, and will arrive on December 13th. Also as mentioned, there are a few big name indies yet to come for Nintendo’s platform.

Guacamelee 2 grapples with the console next month, which should be a high-profile launch. It’ll be joined by a select group of additional notables as well.

Also don’t forget that Overcooked 2’s DLC is available now, as is Save me Mr Tako: Tasukete Tako-San, Transistor, Moonlighter and Child of Light: Ultimate Edition.

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