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Xbox Games with Gold: Battlefield 1, Race the Sun, Assassin’s Creed, Dante’s Inferno

The November Games with Gold are here and the line up is looking great. Xbox Gold Members will be to download Battlefield 1 and Race the Sun on the Xbox One. Also available will be Assassin’s Creed and Dante’s Inferno from the Xbox 360.

Games with Gold’s Explodes with Battlefield 1 and Climbs the Roofs in Assassin’s Creed

From Electronic Arts and DICE, comes Battlefield 1, the latest iteration of the Battlefield series. Players will be taken to the battles of World War 1 and will have to avoid being blown up. Players will travel to the cities of France, while climbing the Italian Alps and dodge bullets in the Arabian desert. This epic wartime title kicks it up a notch as 64 players can battle over the gigantic battlefields. Battlefield 1 will be available starting November 1 on the Xbox One.

It is time to take it back, all the way to when it began. From Ubisoft, comes Assassin’s Creed which will be available to gamers starting on November 1. Live through the adventures of Altair in the Holy Land circa 1191. Altair is the original assassin and players will experience his fall from grace while he tries to solve the mystery surrounding the Apple of Eden. There is also the introduction to Desmond Miles, the Animus, the Templars and of course, the Assassins. Make sure to pick up this title through the backward compatibility program.

Avoid Death While Racing the Sun and Help Dante Save his Soul

From Flippfly, comes the fast-paced action racer, Race the Sun. Starting on November 16, players will be able to download this exciting racing game on the Xbox One. Powered by solar rays, the racer will have to navigate through the race course at breakneck speeds, or face death. Do you have what it takes? Find out on November 16.

Times are tough for Dante. During the Crusades, he had a made numerous bad decisions and now karma is coming to collect. While defending some prisoners, Dante was killed and instead of going to hell, he vowed to redeem himself. So Dante battles Death and takes his scythe and sets forth through a game full of disturbing imagery on the path to Dante’s salvation. Experience Dante’s Inferno starting on November 16 through the backward compatibility program.


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