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TGS Devil May Cry V trailer shows off Dante’s moves, new weapons, and… a Mega Buster?

There are two big heroes in Devil May Cry V, with Dante and Nero. There are a lot of cool weapons to wield too, including a motorcycle/sword/thing and maybe a Mega Buster.

Demon slayers

DMC5 is shaping up to be a love letter to the insane series that came before the much maligned reboot. Not that that was a bad game at all. I actually liked it more than any previous DMC. Nevertheless, it seems as though the majority of the fans out there didn’t, so we’re back to the realm of the “real” Dante and Nero. And that’s probably a good thing, cause it looks pretty sharp.

This is looking more and more like the big return to form for Devil May Cry, one that fans have been hoping for. It’s violent, it’s stylish, and it’s ridiculously over the top in every way. It’s so over the top that Dante apparently has a motorcycle that splits in half and becomes two hand-held weapons. That’s nuts.

Maybe it’s not quite as nuts as a Mega Buster being in the game though. Right at the end of the clip we got a look at just that. I’m wondering if it’s an actual weapon for Nero, or just an in-joke. Could be either one to be honest. Though, if it is in the game and is usable, then this would be the second series that the Buster has been featured in. The first was, of course, Dead Rising.

Cool stuff all around. Devil May Cry V lands on consoles and the PC on March 8th.

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