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Xbox Games With Gold For March: Trials of the Blood Dragon, SUPERHOT, Brave And More

The Xbox Games with Gold for March have been announced and these games are action packed. For the Xbox One, Xbox Gold Members will receive Trials of the Blood Dragon and SUPERHOT. Through the backward compatibility program comes Brave: The Video Game and Quantum Conundrum.

Be Brave Through The Trials of the Blood Dragon through Games with Gold

Starting on March 1st, Xbox Gold Members will be able to download Trials of the Blood Dragon on the Xbox One. Take one part Trials and one part Blood Dragon and mix them together and presto – Trials of the Blood Dragon. Set 12 years after the events of Blood Dragon, the children of Rex Power Colt, Roxanne and Slayter must survive through 30 missions as they flip, fly and jump through some colorful levels.

Play as the bow and arrow wielding princess in Brave: The Video Game. Players will take on the role of Merida, as she makes her way through isles of Scotland in this video game adaptation of the popular Disney movie. Help save the day as the cursed bear, Mor’du, spreads his corruption throughout the land. Stop the spread of the corruption before it takes over Merdia’s family starting on March 1st.

Bend Time In SUPERHOT While Trying to Solve The Quantum Conundrum

A simplistic approach to gameplay, when you move, time moves. The premise in SUPERHOT seems simple enough, but reveals a unique and fantastic approach to this FPS. Players must work through the levels without being shot, otherwise the alternative is death. There is no right or wrong way to get through the levels, the only caveat is survival. Make sure to pick up SUPERHOT for the Xbox One starting on March 16th.

What’s a boy supposed to do when he finds out his uncle is missing? Why solve a house full of puzzles through the powers of physics. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, maybe not too easy. Quantum Conundrum is a story full of mystery and intrigue and will have players literally throwing obstacles to solve puzzles. Do whatever it takes to find Professor Q is this quirky adventure puzzle game. Quantum Conundrum will be available starting March 16th.

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