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Syndrome brings fresh horror to PSVR (and other platforms)

Landing just in time for Halloween is Syndrome, a first-person title looking to make the most out of VR.

Syndrome takes the horror genre back to its terrifying roots as players wake up on a deserted and adrift spaceship, dazed and confused from a deep cryosleep, only to discover that most of the crew are dead, or… changed. In order to survive the horrors that lurk in the shadows, players must explore the eerie confines of the ship in search of the last few weapons aboard, moving as stealthily as possible to evade direct enemy combat. Amidst numerous reactive adversaries awaiting close by, players interact with keypads and computer consoles to find clues as to what happened aboard and how to escape the deadly syndrome alive.

It’s an alien syndrome

Spooky! Sci-fi and horror go hand in hand, and it looks like Syndrome is looking to scare VR gamers out of their shoes. That’s quite fitting given the time of year, and it’s welcome too, as a new addition to the PSVR lineup.

Not that I’m one to pile on, but man is Sony’s virtual reality headset lacking in games. That’s something that makes a title like Syndrome all that much more important. Sure it’s not a “big studio release”, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a pleasant surprise. And for PSVR owners, that’d be just what the doctor ordered.

“It’s been a truly long-awaited milestone to bring Syndrome to console players, and we are excited to offer the game on virtual reality platforms as well”, said Paulo J. Games, Game Director of Bigmoon Entertainment. “With VR, the sinister atmosphere and blood-curdling suspense is as real as it gets. We can’t wait to hear the feedback from players and hope that it was worth the wait.”

Not that VR is the only way to enjoy it. Syndrome is also set to land on the Xbox One and be playable on the PS4 and PC, without a headset. Though really, it’s pretty clear that if you want to get the most out of it, you’ll want a PSVR on the PS4, or a Rift or Vive on the PC.

You can grab copy for the PlayStation 4 and PC as of today too. Waiting on the Xbox One version? That’ll be arriving “later this year”.

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