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No Man’s Sky: Atlas Rises on PS4 and PC

No Man’s Sky is getting another content injection.

The update, numerated at 1.3 and titled “Atlas Rising,” celebrates a full year of No Man’s Sky. The anniverdary patch adds a ton to the game, including 30 hours of story, missions and co-op play. Let’s break it down.

A new story:

In Atlas Rises, the fabric of reality is faltering. Glitches are activating, creating ancient portals, a new alien race has appeared and there is a 30 hour story to explore. The lore from the original game has been doubled, there are quests players can undertake for rewards, and much more.

A new galaxy:

Systems are now regenerated. A regenerated system has wealth, conflict and economy levels.

Ships can now be equipped with technology so that  players can filter planets by lifeforms, wealth and economies. Players will also be able to view their journey from start to finish thanks to an overhauled galaxy map.

Whole new worlds:

There are new planet types and rare biomes as well.

This is really a huge update. Players can scavenge crashed freighters, partake in intergalactic trading, undertake procedural missions from NPCs, edit terrain, recieve new ships, fly low to planets’ surfaces, and more.

Above all, the entire visual fidelity has been upscaled to make the game look better overall.

The most exciting thing for  No Man’s Sky players will likely be the inclusion of “joint exploration.” Players can group up and explore No Man’s Sky together. That is pretty neat, if you ask me.

This is all very interesting and cool. As someone who hasn’t played No Man’s Sky for awhile, this is definitely going to hook me and bring me back in.

It might have taken an extra year, but it appears as though No Man’s Sky is finally the game players expected at launch, last August.

Take a look at the full patch notes here: http://www.nomanssky.com/atlas-rises-update/ or watch the trailer below:



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