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SDCC 2017: New Justice League trailer has no Lanterns, no Kryptonian

DC’s Justice League unites in this new trailer, battling Steppenwolf and an army of invading Parademons.

Together again, for the first time

The Justice League has been around for a long, long time. DC Comics’ premier super-team, the group has had a number of revisions over the years, but it’s more or less the current roster that we’ll be seeing in the upcoming Justice League feature film.

There’s Batman and Wonder Woman of course, and they’ll be flanked by Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman. But where’s Superman? Well he’s obviously in there, since it’s common knowledge that he’s a part of the story, and Alfred is quite plainly talking to Kal El at the close of the above video. He’s also mentioned by Darkseid’s emissary Steppenwolf – along with a “Lantern”.

We’ve known also that there’s a Green Lantern Corps movie coming up on Warner Bros’ slate. Still, it’s a little extra cool to hear someone address the ring-slingers on film. But, if there’s no Lantern for Earth as of Justice League, does that mean that the movie will be an origin story?

Honestly, I have no clue and Warner’s isn’t talking. It could be, however, that the Corps is still assigning troops to protect Earth’s sector as of the JL movie. So Hal Jordan -for instance- might already be in their ranks, just not back on Earth yet. Either way, it’s cool to hear.

Also pretty cool lis that Justice League is looking like an all-out action-fest, and one that pays attention to its audience. Oh, and apparently Flash is the comic relief. Can’t have everything I suppose.

Watch for lots more on this one in the months to come. Justice League hits theaters this coming November.

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