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Marvel looks to slide its universe into Legacy with Generations

Have a look at the teaser trailer released by Marvel Comics this week, as they talk up Generations. Looks like the Marvel U is about to welcome back some old friends.

New guys and gals, meet the originals

While we still don’t know a great deal about what’s coming with Legacy, there are a few nuggets and are out there. First, the event will return many Marvel books to their classic numbering. Second, there will be a return of sorts for classic versions of characters. Meaning that those who’ve “replaced” them in the Marvel NOW era will be co-existing.

This video puts to bed the rumor that the newer versions of characters like Cap, Iron Man, and Hulk will be vanishing. It also however, seems to solidify that fans will be able to see those heroes alongside the originals. As a fan of the classics, that’s music to my ears.

Not that I think everything Marvel’s been putting out has been bad really, but I’m a fan of the iconic Marvel U. And that means Bruce Banner, Logan, and all the rest. If Legacy does mean a reintroduction of even some of them, then I’m a happy camper.

But let’s get back to Generations, since it’s the point of this week’s news. Fans should watch for much more on the lead-in to Legacy in the weeks to come, since it’s debut isn’t that far off. The 10 part weekly series will dawn this Fall.

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