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Marvel Legacy gives way to new Ghost Rider, Avengers, and Thor events

Legacy is making its mark on the Marvel U and it hasn’t even dawned yet. For one hero though, it looks like the curtain might be closing.

The Death of Thor

It’s pretty well known at this point that Marvel is going to be bringing back much of its more iconic universe. While Marvel NOW was an updating, what’s coming post-Legacy seems to be a bit of a stepping back. That’s not a bad thing at all if you’re a longtime Marvelite however, since it’s the classic Marvel U that enraptured fans for so long.

We’ve seen some of that already, with the resurgence of the X-books, and we’re about to see a hill lot more. As an event, Legacy will see to that, and what spins out of it looks to be doubling down.

For the current version of Thor, that seems to be an ending. Marvel Comics has announced The Death of Thor, an even that will play out over multiple parts, starting in The Mighty Thor #700. What’s that? How’s there an issue #700? Easy, Marvel is going back to its original numbering, and according to all the issues of Thor books that’ve come out since Thor ended it’s run at issue #621, we’re up to 700. And oh man, is that a nice number to see.

Just what the Death of Thor will offer is an unknown as of now though. But with the legacy of Marvel weighing heavy, I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Odinson once again take up the hammer by the time it comes to a close.

Spirits of Vengeance and US Avengers

Smaller in terms of event status, but still awesome is the return of Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch to the Marvel U. Former Ghost Riders, Blaze and Ketch will join Blade and others in a war at the gates of Hell itself.

On the flip side, the US Avengers will kickoff the Cannonball Run arc starting in issue #11. What’s that about? Looks like… Cannonball from X-Force. I dunno. I don’t read US Avengers.

Watch for all of the above to start hitting this Fall.

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