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Microsoft E3 Presser: Welcome Xbox X, Cuphead Release Date, And Many More

The Microsoft Xbox presser did a great job of showcasing the most powerful console ever built, the Xbox X.

Introducing The Xbox X

Code named, Scorpio, Microsoft finally revealed the newest member of the Xbox family, the Xbox X. This is the most powerful console ever created, running games in 4k Ultra HD and at 60 frams per second. This is a rather impressive piece of hardware. It has eight custom x86 cores along with an integrated AMD graphics card with six teraflops of performance. It also has 12GB GDDR5 for RAM along with one terabyte of storage. Something this powerful also happens to be the smallest console on the market. The Xbox X will be available on November 7th and will cost $499.

All Xbox One accessories and games will work on Xbox One and S. The game library will be even better on the X, as the games will receive some cosmetic graphic overhauls and faster loading times. If you do not own a 4k television, along with Supersampling, Xbox X will help games look their best. The craftsmanship of this console is on full display with the first ever liquid-cooled vapor chamber and a new optimized power management system. All this hardware is shaping up to be one heck of a new addition to the Xbox lineup. Now that the hardware portion is over, let’s get to the exciting part – the new games.


Largest Diverse Group Of Games

This year, there were 42 games on display during the Microsoft presser. We got a lot of new titles along with some new additions to long standing franchises. There were some big reveals on some games that had disappeared. Overall, Microsoft did a great job with the presentation. So let’s get right to it and dive into as we highlight some of the most interesting titles on display. Speculation and rumors ran wild with this next title, but now it can be confirmed the next title in Assassin’s Creed takes place in ancient Egypt.

The birth of the brotherhood begins in ancient Egypt. Join Bayek as he fights against a corrupt system in Egypt. During a demo, Bayek can switch between himself and his trusty eagle to get a better view of his surroundings. Similar to the gameplay feature in the Far Cry series, it looks like Ubisoft really wants to give the players an eagle’s eye view of the battlefield. There also appears to incorporate some type of bullet-time shooting sequence. Lastly, there is an addition of a loot and RPG element to the game. Keep an eagle eye out for more information on Assassin’s Creed: Origins, which will be available, October 27, 2017.

The sequel to State of Decay, looks amazing. The animations as well as the game models look gorgeous with the Xbox X. There is a real feel of a zombie apocolypase in this 3rd-person action shooter. Players must use their wits and intelligence to survive in a desolate world. Players will need to build a house for protection. Team up with other players for there is safety in numbers. The choices are endless.

A return back to the Dmitry Glukhovsky Metro series, comes Metro: Exudos. The subways are full of dead creatures as well as humans. The video starts off with a character making his way through the tunnels. The game looks absolutely amazing while running on the Xbox X. Things go south, as they always do, and the main character makes his way to the surface. Unlike past iterations of the series, the world is no longer full of toxic air, as we see the main character remove his gas mask after exiting the sewers. This next step in the Metro series looks to be a fun adventure.

Next up is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the FPS  or third-person, battle royale where up to 100 players battle until the last person is standing. Think of it as a digital Hunger Games, with a lot more deaths and explosions. This popular PC game is making its way to the Xbox lineup. This game looks massive as well as a lot of fun. Look for this game to come out in Q4 2017.



A new 2D fighting game featuring the characters of Dragon Ball Z, aptly titled, Dragonball Fighter Z, is coming to the Xbox lineup. Players will choose from a multitude of characters and do battle in over-the-top Dragonball fashion. Players will battle in a 3v3 arena and things get wild. This fighting game looks to be a good addition to the Dragonball family of video games.

A rather interesting title, Black Desert, is a MMOPG, set in a world of fantasy. Different races across this magical realm battle against giant monster and creatures. Not much is known about Black Desert, except that it looks amazing and the gameplay seems exciting. As a huge fan of hack and slash titles, something such as this game as quite the appeal.


There is always that one that game that sticks out more than any other game, and this year’s title is the Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti. This is a game about music, but plays as a 2D side-scrolling adventure game. This truly does look like an unique experience.

Another Cuphead update, but this one actual means something. This time around, there was a release date attached to the game trailer, I repeat, there is a release date for Cuphead. Mark your calendars for September 29 – more footage, still looks awesome and we have a release date, September 29.

Last but not least, there is a trailer for Crackdown 3. This trailer starts off with Terry Crews explaining just how bad ass we are in the exosuits. There are a lots of explosions, lots of destruction and lots of carnage. Best of all, we also got a release date, Crackdown 3 will be available November 7, 2017.


A new addition to the Backward Compatibility program will now enlist original Xbox titles. Crimson Skies will be one of the first games coming to the Xbox One. The OG games will look better and play better. Look for this program to launch later this year.

The last trailer for Xbox comes from Bioware and EA Games. In this third-person shooter, players will pilot exosuits called Javelins. These exosuits are used to go out into the wilderness. The map is an open and dynamic world full of wonder. The demo follows a pair of Javelins as they fly across the map with ease. We see how the world is a living and breathing thing.

The Xbox X Is All About Power

Overall, the Microsoft presser did a great job of selling the power of the Xbox X. This piece of hardware is going to give the next experience in gaming. The line up of games is exciting and there are a ton of games to look forward to. This lineup of games is a diverse collection of genres spreading from one spectrum to the other. From children’s games to 2D side-scrollers, be a AAA game or an ID@XBOX title, there is going to be a type of game for every player. Make sure to check back for more E3 coverage at BrutalGamer.


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