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The villains in Injustice 2 have organized under Grodd – get ready for The Society

Not the Injustice Gang, not the Legion of Doom, Injustice 2’s baddies are The Society. And they’re ready to put a hurt on DC’s heroes.

One Society under Grodd

Just how much is going on in Injustice 2?! A ton, by the looks of it. I’m still not sold on there not being some overarching evil lurking in the fighting game sequel. But from the looks of things, The Society might be the main threat.

An association of villainous characters, The Society looks to count just about every bad guy and gal in the game as a part of its roster. And it’s all been put together by Gorilla Grodd, who is of course one of The Flash’s main heavies. Kind of stands to reason then that Flash looks to be in a world of hurt in that trailer.

Not playing much of a part though are Batman and Superman. And that leads me to believe that there are multiple story threads in this one, all of which presumably come together at some point. Oh and that Justice League meeting table reveal? That was awesome.

Coming up fast as the Scarlett Speedster, NetherRealm and WB’s Injustice 2 is set to hit the Xbox One and PS4 on May 16th.

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