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Give your favorite console a custom look with Toast’s wood covers

Ever thought that your Xbox One or PS4 was visually lacking in the class department? Well then you’re going to be happy with what Toast’s covers.


Adding custom stickers to your gaming console isn’t really a new idea. At this point, I’m pretty sure there are labels for your tablet, handheld, cell phone, and everything in between. I even remember getting console decorations way back in the Xbox/PS2 days for my consoles. But while labels aren’t new, wood paneling most definitely is. Yes, you red that right.

Toast is a company that makes exactly that, and they make it for everything listed above… and then some. You can even get wood covers for your Apple Pencil! They get pretty detailed too, listing not just custom lettering, but imagery too. Seems like, if you can burn it into wood, they can do it for you.

Pricing differs depending on what you choose to get of course, and just how ‘custom’ you want your cover to be. Even so though, adding text only tacks on $5 to the price, which isn’t bad at all. A bare-bones wood cover, by the way, will run you $49.00 USD.

Right now, it looks like you can pick from four different colors for your console. As to what’s available, you can get one for your PS4, PS4 Pro, or Xbox One. No listing for the Xbox One S exists on Toast’s site, but I imagine that could be on the way.

Click here for more, or to order one for yourself.

*UPDATE* Looks like That Xbox One S cover is in the works right now, and should be available soon. Toast tells us that it’s just being “fine tuned”.

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