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Toy Fair 17: Loyal Subjects debuts Mega Man and Street Fighter

One of the best vinyl toy makers out there, The Loyal Subjects brought out the big guns at Toy Fair with Mega Man and Street Fighter.

You probably already are familiar with The Loyal Subjects. They’ve been around of a while now after all, and they’ve got some of the biggest licenses in toys. G.I. Joe, He-Man, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all are parts of their stable of blind-boxed figures.

Oh, and if you don’t know what that means, basically these are all packed in the same sealed box. So you don’t know what you’re getting when you buy one. That can be aggravating if you’re just looking for one or two figures, but more often than not, it’s fun getting surprised. That’s especially true when they release a brand new set of figures.

And this year, they’re growing by leaps and bounds. There’ll be a followup to the first series of He-Man figures (though there were none on display), and several new IPs, including classic Power Rangers.

First let’s mention what we couldn’t snap pics of. We can tell you that both Thundercats and Aliens are coming. Several ‘cats were on display, and they look awesome, while only one little Alien was out. Yes, that looked great too. Sorry we can’t share more.

But let’s take a peek at what we can talk about. ‘Cause it’s equally cool.

Round one…

Have you heard of Street Fighter? It’s a little fighting game franchise from Capcom. You know, tiny little indie-type thing. Seriously though, I don’t think there’s any video game fan that hasn’t at least played a Street Fighter game at some point. These titles are synonymous with the fighting genre, and they’re honestly some of the best, recent debacles aside.

The new series of Street Fighter figures from Loyal Subjects has nothing to do with recent games though. Nope, this is all SFII. Have a look.

Mega, man

There was more Capcom fun to be had than just the World Warriors though. This might be one of my favorite lines I’ve sen anywhere actually, simply for the fact that Mega Man lends itself stunningly well to the Loyal Subjects style.

There wasn’t as much shown of the Blue Bomber as what was on display for Street Fighter, but whet there was was impressive. If we get a few full lineups of bosses out of this line, I imagine there’ll be more than a couple of happy Mega-fans.

Oh, and that ‘giant-sized’ Mega Man isn’t a prototype or anything. He’s the real deal and probably heading off to be a Con exclusive.

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