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It’s Mimic Madness in this new trailer for Bethesda’s Prey

Prey is going to be a very interesting game indeed. What other FPS let’s you take the shape of a roll of toilet paper?

Shape of: a banana

I don’t think I could get much more excited about Prey from Bethesda and developer Arkane. The game looks like a cross between BioShock and Dishonored, with a dash of Half Life tossed in for good measure. Needless to say, shooter fans should be pretty interested to see how it pans out.

Today’s video is more fuel for that fire, as it delves into the ‘mimic’ abilities that the hero will have. You’ll start out being able to take the shape of innocuous everyday things, though a little on the small side. Coffee mugs, bananas, and desk lamps will be fairly easy to master.

After that, you’ll move into bigger and more complex forms. All that will culminate with some of the last things that you see in that trailer, including sentry guns… and defense ‘bots. Sound cool? You bet it does, and that’s not even taking into account all the standard gunplay and additional elements that make Prey stand out from the field.

May 5th is the date, that’s when Prey will hit the Xbox One, PS4, and the PC. Mark your calendars.

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