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Two new Halo Wars 2 ships join Dark Horse’s replica fleet

Halo Wars 2’s Spirit of Fire and the UNSC Vulture are joining up with Dark Horse’s line of ships from the Halo universe.

Ships of the UNSC

Dark Horse’s lineup of Halo ships is getting pretty deep. Already a part of things are capital ships like the Pillar of Autumn after all. And the line even includes iconic smaller craft like the Pelican dropship. I have a few and I can attest to the fact that they’re nicely detailed, and look pretty cool on the old shelf. They’re not cheap, but if you’re a Halo fan, they hit the spot nicely.

It’s particularly cool too, to see some stuff from the upcoming Halo Wars 2 announced. Till now, we’ve seen ships from legacy games, but these are brand spankin’ new. We’re getting one capital ship and one fighter, with the UNSC Spirit of Fire and the UNSC Vulture.

“Dark Horse’s replicas are amazing and we are pleased that fans will be able to add these two iconic ships from Halo Wars 2 to their growing Halo armadas,” said John Friend, Director of Consumer Products at 343 Industries.

The Spirit of Fire, a Phoenix Class support ship, will measure 8″ in length. It’s the more expensive of the pair, and will run you $49.99 USD. It’ll also be arriving first, with a March 1st launch date. As for the Vulture, the UNSC gunship will clock in at 6″ in length and will cost you $39.99. Expect it some time this Summer.

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