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SDCC 2016: Mattel DC Comics and WWE

Mattel went very heavy on the DC Comics and WWE licenses for this year’s Comic Con.

Absences, and incredible new figures

So I’d be remiss not to mention the dearth of Masters of the Universe stuff at the Mattel booth. The line is pretty much over though, but while it’s not a shock, it’s still a bummer as a MOTU fan. There was some stuff though, like 12″ dolls of Catra and Frosta from the She-Ra series, but that was about it.

Fortunately, any down feelings were all but wiped away by the amazing assortment of DC Comics figures on hand. King Shark was probably the coolest (a Collect & Connect figure), but wow was this stuff cool.

DC Comics Multiverse

An easy pick for the best looking figure at Mattel was King Shark (and his alt head!). He was far from the only impressive fig there though. Reaper made my day, and Lex Luthor in prison fatigues, the Bat-Armor, and Jay Garrick Flash (from the TV show) were all pretty great too.

Have a look at what’s in store (and some of what’s available right now).

WWE gets weird

The other big property in the booth was easily WWE. Mattel has been producing some excellent wrestling figures for a while now, and it looks like that’ll continue into the next few waves.

The new Dusty Rhodes figures had a terrific license, the Hart Foundation looked AWESOME, and the Ultimate Warrior that was on display was really neat too. I know, I know, we really don’t need anther f him, but it’s a cool figure, so…

Aside from the legends and the modern stuff though, there was… something else in the WWE section. Something undead. Yes, the wrestlers of the former-Federation are now getting zombified figures.

Why? I have no idea, though I think the fact that zombies are still rabidly popular might have something to do with it. It’s weird and as out there as WWE figures can probably get, but they actually have some really nice sculpts. And the pain apps are fantastic as well. Have a look in the gallery below and marvel at the strange.

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