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Give a farmer a hoof to the face in Pigsodus

All’s not well on the farm, and Horace the pig is ready for revolt in Pigsodus.

Behold- Pigsodus!

I don’t know whether Pigsodus is supposed to be funny or not. I mean, there’s a lot of stuff in that little trailer alone that could go either way. Kind of reminds me of a Disney movie in that way. You know, Walt always had the thought that you had to have a lot of sad stuff to go along with the humor.

Developer Psilocybe Games was prompted to create Pigsodus by that viral video of a pig escaping from a truck. The not-so little guy was actually headed to slaughter in that truck, but managed to get away. Hence the somewhat similar story of our game here. Well, if the IRL story was a point-and-click adventure game starring a pig with glasses that is. And if it involved that star pig clobbering a farmer with his hooves.

There’s more than just porcine pugilism though, as the game promises to have puzzles galore as well. You’ll have to figure your way around multiple locations and battle some nasty wolves and “other unfriendly creatures” that live in the woods to win the day and save your pals.

The game is currently posted to Kickstarter, and has a little over a month to go in the campaign. You can find out more about the game, or support it for yourself, by clicking here.

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