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Ghostbusters Ultimate Bundle hitting consoles

A special digital-only set, the Ghostbusters Ultimate Bundle will include both the new game and the film.

If you’re excited for the new Ghostbusters film, you’re probably going to like this one. Activision has announced that they’ll have a special digital two pack on the way. It’ll be just for consoles, and will include some added goodies. Oh, and those goodies? You’re going to like ’em if you’re a fan of the original movies.


A third-person ARPG, the new Ghostbusters game casts players as a member of the new squad of ‘busters. It’s definitely connected to the new timeline created by this summer’s movie, but seems to pretty much be its own thing. It actually sounds pretty fun, and will have you exploring NYC, busting spirits. So kind of classic Ghostbusters stuff there.

And with this new Ultimate Bundle, it really is classic. Included is a set of DLC that will get fans uniforms and a trap from the original film. That should make longtime fans smile.

Also in the virtual box will be a pair of themes and a copy of the new movie. Though that will obviously be delivered some time in the future.

Here’s what you get:

  • The new standalone Ghostbusters video game.
  • DLC featuring four classic character suits and a bonus trap based on art from the original film.
  • A code for a digital copy of the new Ghostbusters movie to be delivered at a future date.
  • Two special dashboard themes, one based on the movie and another inspired by the game.

On the pricing front, the Ghostbusters Ultimate Bundle will be available for both the Xbox One and the PS4 for $64.99 USD. There will be boxed copies of the game only (and a digital PC version), but this edition will be exclusively digital. It can be had as of July the 12th.

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