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Rocket League Unveils Neo Tokyo Update

Ladies and gentleman! Start your engines! On June 20th the huge Neo Tokyo update will hit Rocket League for free and  it appears to be brimming with lots of lovely new content for cyber sports fans to enjoy.

What can we expect amongst this plethora of goods? One of the main additions is the new cyberpunk esque stadium, which appears to be the map underpass featured in “Rocket Labs” the trial playlist for work in progress maps. As well as the new stadium players will be introduced to the new “Pillars” mode, which is sure to cause chaos as it splits the field in three.

The introduction of this update means that season 2 of Rocket Leagues ranked mode is now over, so you can expect your rank to be reset for the start of season 3, you will however be compensated for your time with some nice exclusive “rocket boosts” if you did take part.

On top of all these changes comes a new item drop system, with 20 new item drops! Not only can you now trade with others to get rid of those pesky duplicates but you should also start to see special “painted  and “certified” items that offer alternative colour schemes or track certain statistics.

Soon after the update goes live, four new DLC cars will be added, two of which will be the “Esper” and “Masamune” keeping within that cyberpunk flavour. All of the cars will be released on July 18th or the earlier dates of June 24 in Europe and July 5 in North America if you buy the Rocket League Collector’s Edition.

The “Esper and “Masamune” in all their glory

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