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Attention VR troopers, the Oculus Rift goes up for pre-order tomorrow

The first announced and long awaited virtual reality headset Oculus Rift is finally going to be available to order at the consumer level. As to when you might actually see the hardware though…

Pictured here is the prototype Oculus Rift

Ever the tease, Oculus Rift. Garnering tons of acclaim from the media and basically anyone who’s had the good fortune to try one of the headsets out (me included), the Rift is finally going to be available for pre-ordering as of tomorrow. But even so, we have no idea when the retail units will officially ship out or even how much it’ll cost.

Yep, you’re basically ordering blind here as there’s nothing new to report in terms of specifics. The Rift will be available to secure for yourself though, as of 8am Pacific Standard Time, tomorrow January 6th, 2016. You won’t just get the device when it finally does arrive in usable form either, as you’ll get two games ‘packed in’ (EVE: Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale), and an Xbox One controller.

The Oculus Rift will have its own controller too of course, but that won’t be available till after launch. MCV points out that the price is still very much up in the air as well, with Oculus saying originally that you should expect it to run “$200 to $400 USD”, but then changing that to “at least $300 USD” later on.

The MCV article by Ben Parfitt also notes that you’ll need a hefty PC to be able to use the Rift at all, something that I’m sure many people will forget all about as they order one up. I remember hearing that the unit would be compatible with the Xbox One as well at one point, and that included Xbox One controller would certainly point to that still being in the plans. Though I also have to mention that I haven’t heard anything on that front for a good long time, so who knows where that feature is at currently.

Personally, I wouldn’t expect it for a while.

Source: MCV

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