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PAX South 2015: Platformer Ronin plots vengeance in turn-based style

A turn-based platformer? Vengeance: Ronin from developer Tomasz Waclawek looks to break the mold and change how side-scrollers can play.

Well now, this is something different indeed. Vengeance: Ronin is a side-scroller alright, and a good looking one at that, but it’s more than just that. The game plays out in a turn-based style, which I think has to be a first for the genre.

We’ve all heard of turn-based strategy of course, but platforming is something all together new and pretty darn exciting if you’re a fan of the style of game. Ronin, much like the name suggests, has a story that’s soaked in revenge. You take control of a female assassin who’s out to take down five members of a “powerful corporation”.

At your disposal, you’ll have grappling hooks and razor wire, as well as your trusty katana. If you’re more the stealthy type, you’ll be able to avoid outright combat and play the part of a silent predator as well with tools like the holographic replicator.

The final game will boast 15 missions of ninja action which, of course, all will play out strategically thanks to the turn-based control system. If you’re looking for something different, this is a game that you’re going to want to keep your eye on.

Check it out this weekend at PAX South in Devolver Digital’s booth (which is #1243 on the show floor) and then mark your calendars as Vengeance: Ronin hits the PC (Windows and Linux) and the Mac this Fall.

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