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Metal Gear Solid 4 to get digital edition on PS3

Originally released way back in 2008, Konami’s fourth numbered Metal Gear Solid title is hitting the PSN.

This release will be the first time that the game, which is just about six years old at this point, is being made available for digital download on any console. The PS3 of course, had the game as an exclusive, and that’ll prove true for the digital release as well.

Why send the game to the PSN now, so many years after it’s initial launch? Well, who knows honestly, but I assume (and Konami mentions this in the press release as well) that it’s to whet gamers appetites even further for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain.

If you’ve never played MGS4, it’s well worth your time. The game was one of the first on the PS3 to really be a ‘must own’ and is still a great looking title that stars a aged Solid Snake. If you’ve played a game in the series before, then you know what to expect- action, sneaking, and weird characters galore. MGS4 did feature an overhauled close combat system (which was a lot more fun than previous attempts) and a remote controlled drone Metal Gear.

If you haven’t played it, or would like another go with MGS4, the game will hit servers on the PS3 exclusively on December 16th and will be a 30GB download.

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