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That nasty little goblin Styx debuts today on consoles and PC

Styx: Master of Shadows stalks his prize this week. The little thief…

There aren’t many games that put you in the shoes of an unrepentant ‘bad guy’, let alone the pointy loafers of a goblin. Actually, were there any games ever that let you play as a goblin? I don’t think so…

Styx has a lot more going for it than just that novelty though, as you’ll be scaling the tower of Akenash, which is loaded with elves and men (and other things). It’s all because the little guy wants a piece of the Amber, a mystical element that springs from a magic tree at the top of the structure. Why’s he want it? Because he can make a fortune off the stuff… and maybe figure a few things out about his own origins too.

Styx: Master of Shadows is available right now for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One, so grab your hood and get your climbing spikes out because it’s a long hike up to that treasure.

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